Captured on Paper™ Terms & Conditions

Captured on Paper™ Mission
1. We want to assist you in building a brand—get your name out there! Are you creative? Do you want to sell your products (tutorials, handmade items, etc.), but do not have the audience or customer base? Captured on Paper™ is the place to start.
2.  Do you have an over load of items in your stash that you would like to sell, but don’t have the audience or customer base? Captured on Paper™ is the place to start. 
3.  Would you like to open your very own online shop one day, but don’t have the audience or customer base? Captured on Paper™ is the place to start.

Anything crafty/scrapbooking related. For example, Mini Albums, Tutorials, Used/New items i.e. Dies, Stamps, Cricuts, Die Cutting machines, Paper Pads, Paper Collections, Stickers, etc…  We reserve the right to decline your item if it does not seem to be in what we feel is good condition for the price you have requested. 

•Access to a vast community of crafters to sell your items (40,000+)
•Build a core community of crafters—Get your name out there!
•We will advertise items to a large community of crafters just like you
•No listing fees
•No need to manage a shop
•No uploading/listing to a shop, we will manage it for you
•No need to create logos, website and/or an online shop
•No customer service, we provide the customer service.  We will communicate with the buyer on your behalf.
•If you have ever wanted to start your own home based business, but do not have access to a community of crafters, here is where to start.   Once you build your brand, you can go off on your own if you so desire.
Not interested in building a brand, but want to destash? Do you simply want a place to sell your items?  Captured on Paper™ is the place.  You will have access to a vast community of fellow crafters who may be looking for the items you have to sell.
How do I list an item or items with Captured on Paper™
•Email us three (3) good/clear photos of the item(s) on a white background. If you are selling a grouping of items, (Lot) you may photograph the items together, however, 3 photos are still required.
•A description of the item(s), please be very detailed in your description of the item(s), ex. condition of item, size, brand new, pre-owned etc,
•Item price
•Shipping cost
•Provide You Tube video of item for sale (if applicable)
•If you are selling a tutorial, please provide the file, so that we can automatically send it to the buyer upon completion of the transaction
•Your full name (first and last), email address, and PayPal email (so you can be paid)
•All the above required items are to be emailed to in order for the listing to be added to the shop.  Listings will be posted to the shop within 24 hours.
How will I be paid?
You will be paid for items sold within 24 hours after the buyer has received the item(s) purchased.  You are required to send a tracking number, if applicable to the Captured on Paper™ email address and to the customer.  Payment will be sent to you via PayPal.  PayPal fees may apply. Customer pays before seller ships the product.  Funds are held by Captured on Paper upon check out.  We (Captured on Paper) hold the funds until you (the Seller) ships and customer (Buyer) receives the goods.  Once the goods are received by customer (Buyer)- Seller is paid within 24 hours.
There will be an item sold number (inventory or in stock number) in the listing.  This is automatically generated/updated by the shop.  This way you are able to keep track of your earnings and estimate payments due to you. 
Shipping Requirements
Seller must invoice the customer for any additional shipping charges via PayPal. Our shopping cart will only charge the customer $3.00 for shipping which will go towards their shipping total.
We do not have a listing fee. We only get paid if you sell an item.  A 3.5% fee will be collected from the total amount of the order placed.  An annual fee of $5 will be collected if you are listing 3 or more items annually.

Subject – Seller Number (xxxxx) Listing 1 (you will update the listing number 1, 2, 3, etc. for every listing you email)
Very detailed description of item
Item Price
Shipping Cost
Attach Photos
Please note—you must send one email per listing.  Lot (grouping of items) listings will be in one email.  
You may not send multiple listings in one email. 

What can I sell on Captured on Paper™ Consignment Shop?

Why list your item(s) on the Captured on Paper™ Consignment shop?

How will I know how many items I sold?

·         Shipping is determined by the Seller based on weight, size and the shipping address provided.

·         Sellers will calculate shipping based on the customers information provided on the invoice. 

·         Once shipping is paid, Seller will ship product. 

You are required to send a tracking number, if applicable to the Captured on Paper™ email address and to the customer. Captured on Paper™ email address:

Captured on Paper™ Fees

If you agree to these terms and conditions- Please send an email to requesting a Seller Number.  Once you receive your Seller number you are ready to start selling.  Simply email your listings to  Please refer to the sample email below:

Sample email per listing