Sticky Situations Handy Helper


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Sticky Situations Handy Helper

Don't you get tired of having to shake that glue bottle down every time you want to use it without getting those gross "SPLURTS" all over your work! I did, so I came up with this. Of course, my version was extremely unattractive, so I asked my dad to carve me up this wonderful "Handy Helper".

The "Sticky Situations Handy Helper" allows you to keep the INCLUDED 4 ounce bottle in the upside down position for as long as you would like. As you can see in the pictures you don't even have to screw the bottle closed for it to stay standing. That makes working on your projects faster, no time wasted screwing and unscrewing the lids each time.

The "Handy Helper" is designed specifically for the INCLUDED empty 4 ounce bottle and can also hold that really nifty bottle that a lot of us crafters are filling with our glue of choice. That specialty bottle is NOT INCLUDED.

I, personally, have used a super bonding clear gel glue to permanently attach my lids to the inside of the "Handy Helper". Yours will NOT come this way, but it is an option for you to do yourself. I find that when I've got the lid glued into the hand, I can one handedly put the glue back without having to let go of what I'm working on with my other hand.

Each "Handy Helper" is individually poured resin so no two will be EXACTLY the same. These are light weight but stay standing with the bottle closed or open. Of course, they will fall over if your cats and/or dog or what not knocks them over.