Sizzix Eclips Cutting Machine


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Sizzix Eclips Cutting Machine

The eclips is a very sleek and straightforward cutter that is very easy to use. So easy in fact, that it only has two buttons. The power button is used to (you guessed it) power the unit on and off and the load/unload mat button is used to (you guessed it again) load and unload your cutting mat. Because the eclips sets the origin automatically, you are sure to get consistent results time and time again.
Included in the purchase are:
Sizzix Cutting Machine  

  • Auto selection of speed and pressure for material to be cut; Laser Cut Preview offers sneak peak cut
  • Cut vellum, paper, cardstock and chipboard in preset and custom sizes
  • Adjustable blade depth; Cut sizes to nearest 1/100 of an inch
  • True Scoring; No more perforations and clean folds every time
  • Precision Cutting; No more shapes with rounded edges

You can use cartridges or the software to cut SVG files
Hand held controller and stand
Sizzix Eclips Accessory - Pen Holder
Sizzix Eclips Acessory - Blade Holder (spare)
Sure Cuts Alot Software made specially for the Eclips Cutting Machine - eCAL ( normally $52.99 by itself)

Sure Cuts A Lot for eclips (eCAL) gives you the ability to cut SVG files, as well as any of the fonts installed on your computer. In addition, eCAL gives you the ability to print your SVG designs using your laser or ink-jet printer and then cut them with your eclips. 
Sizzix Design and Font Cartridge - Starter and Rocking Janie
Training Video Disk
User Guide Disk

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