Authentique - Rugged (36) 3X4 Double-Sided Pocket Life Cards


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Authentique - Rugged (36) 3X4 Double-Sided Pocket Life Cards (Masculine, Gentlemen)


Authentique - Rugged collection speaks to old-fashioned gentlemen as well as to the heart of the manly men. The line is versatile, iconic and an absolutely stunning range of patterns and designs. Most masculine personalities, whether the classic man, rough around the edges, athletic or a good-old-boy, will relate to the style and feel created by this handsomely rugged range. 


The (36) 3x4 "Authentic Life Cards" feature a graphic on the front and a journaling area on the back and are useable for so much more than travel! These cards are perfect for pocket crafting. 

Authentique Paper products are thoughtfully designed, 100% made in the USA and always made of premium, quality material, which is essential when creating projects which will be displayed in your home, preserving memories or given as a gift. 


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