Authentique - Frontier 12x12 Worn Leather Paper by Authentique



Authentique - Frontier 12x12 Worn Leather Paper by Authentique *It's Back*

New Release February 2018! Take a gander at this, the ever so popular Worn Leather paper is back in stock! This paper was so popular in the Rugged Collection that they just had to bring it back and put it in the Frontier Collection!

FNT002 Worn Leather / Cowboy Boots, Hats, this paper has the look of textured worn leather. 

Authentique - FRONTIER collection speaks to old-fashioned cowboys as well as to the heart of country life. The line is versatile is masculine or feminine, iconic and an absolutely stunning range of patterns and designs. 

Authentique Paper products are thoughtfully designed, 100% made in the USA and always made of premium, quality material, which is essential when creating projects which will be displayed in your home, preserving memories or given as a gift. 


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