3 Piece Leaf set


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3 Piece Leaf set

brand with leaves - 3"w x 1 1/2"h


No Brand Name

Brand New

Photo is of my cut using my BigShot with magnetic platform

Some of the veins on the leaves cut all the way threw instead of just embossing this could be fixed by getting rid of my shim. 


Shipping: If you order more than 1 item from me AT THE SAME TIME:

If the entire order weighs under 13 ounces it will be shipped First Class to keep shipping charges low.
If it weights over 13 ounces it must go Priority Mail, I will find the cheapest way to send, all which
depends on where you live, sometime just using Priority Mail and my packaging can be cheaper than
the Flat Rate Medium Box that holds 12 x 12 paper which is 13.60.


Seller: Mary Peterson